Manufacture of cabinet furniture

It is difficult to imagine our houses without furniture. Everyone tries to equip housing according to their ideas of beauty and comfort, not forgetting about the main fashion trends.

Manufacturers of cabinet furniture are trying to keep up with the times and offer customers modern furniture sets, bedrooms, children's sets, furniture for wardrobes and offices, kitchen sets, into which new household appliances are organically integrated.

Not long ago, our citizens tried by any means to purchase imported cabinet furniture, and today domestic manufacturers firmly occupy a leading position in the market, offering modern, practical, high-quality products.

All furniture can be conditionally divided into upholstered: sofas, kitchen corners, armchairs and cabinet: wall slides, kitchen and bedroom sets, desks, children's furniture, wardrobes.

Cabinet furniture is produced both by large furniture factories, which operate on the basis of enterprises created in the USSR, as well as by small and medium-sized businesses.

If large enterprises mainly specialize in the production of standard products, which are subsequently sold through a dealer network in all regions of Russia, then small furniture enterprises are focused on meeting the needs of the region where they are located.

Small manufacturers are more willing to take on the creation of custom-made cabinet furniture or ready-made sets for sale in local retail outlets.

Every year, more and more small handicraft workshops appear that do not have their own equipment, they are only engaged in assembling products from parts made at another enterprise. Most often it is custom-made furniture. It may not be inferior in quality if furniture parts are ordered from a serious manufacturer. However, at the same time, customers often run the risk of running into scammers.

When ordering furniture for individual projects, you should contact firms with their own production base, which have positive feedback from customers.

Technology for the production of cabinet furniture

The production of cabinet furniture begins with its design. Since it must be not only beautiful and reliable, but also comfortable, all design developments must comply with ergonomic standards.

On the basis of the design project, a detailing of the product is developed in special programs. Popular furniture planners are programs: PRO100, WOODY, "Basis Mebelshchik", "Astra".

This software allows:

  • quickly and accurately create all shop drawings from panel cutting layouts to assembly diagrams;
  • calculate the entire consumption of materials and components;
  • provides a ready-made estimate of the product.

Based on the estimate, all materials are sent to the workshop, where sheet materials are cut, edged, processed on a filler machine, which makes holes on the finished part for confirmations, ties, hinges and other accessories.

After that, furniture blanks go to the assembly shops, where the finished furniture is assembled.

Machines and tools for the production of cabinet furniture

A whole machine park is required for the production of cabinet furniture:

  1. Panel saw It is needed for cutting panel material. Modern machines are capable of cutting several sheets using software that does not require manually entering the dimensions of the part or setting them using special rulers. This significantly reduces the manufacturing time and reduces the cost of the product. The machine is equipped with two saws, which provide a perfectly smooth cut without damaging the decorative coating of laminated chipboard or MDF. The machine is able to cut not only along and across, but can also make cuts at certain angles. When choosing a machine, take into account the maximum cutting length

  2. Edge gluing machine. For the processing of the ends of the parts, a PVC edge is used, which is glued with a special glue on machines. Under the influence of temperature, the glue is melted in a special bath, fed to the edge, which, under some pressure, is pressed against the part and glued. Modern machines not only perform these functions, but also trim and mill the edge so that its edges are not too sharp. For facing curved parts, special hand-fed machines are used.

  3. Milling and copying machines. Curly saws, cutouts on parts for glass, hinges, strapping for sliding wardrobe doors are made on them. When choosing a machine, it is important to consider the size of the worktable. The size of the part he can process depends on this.

  4. Drilling and filler machine. It provides an additive for Euro screws, screws, ties and other accessories.

When assembling products, hand tools are most often used: screwdrivers, screwdrivers, jigsaws.

Materials for the production of cabinet furniture

The following materials are mainly used for the production of cabinet furniture:

  • laminated particle board . The body of the products is assembled from it. Recently, manufacturers of laminated chipboard offer a large selection of colors and textures of their products, which are in no way inferior in appearance to natural wood, this allows you to make beautiful furniture with laminated chipboard facades;

  • fibreboard. Refined board, which has a specific color, is used as the back walls of cabinets;

  • MDF. The material has a dense structure, which allows it to be milled like solid wood and create various patterns on it. It is mainly used for the manufacture of facades. It has a greater weight than laminated chipboard, therefore it is rarely used for the manufacture of the cases themselves;

  • natural veneer and solid wood. Most often used in large furniture enterprises or in specialized workshops. They are usually used for custom-made furniture.

Furniture factories and workshops for the production of cabinet furniture

Furniture factories for the production of cabinet furniture are located in almost every region. The most famous of them can be considered MK "Shatura", PC "Corporation" Elektrogorsk mebel ", Holding" Furniture Factory "8th Marta", "Evanti".

Each city has its own workshops and factories for the production of furniture. Most often, enterprises specialize in the production of one or more models and the provision of services to the population for the manufacture of semi-finished furniture products.

Production of custom-made cabinet furniture

Custom-made furniture is very popular among the population. This allows you to fit the furniture into the interior, take into account all the features of the premises and the needs of the customer. In this case, the buyer can independently choose the material, participate in the development of the design project. Such furniture is usually installed at the customer's home.

Most often they order kitchen sets, wardrobes, dressing rooms and children's rooms or complete furnishing of a room in accordance with the idea of ​​an interior designer. Custom-made furniture means that the furniture is installed on site.

Manufacture and sale of cabinet furniture in Moscow and the Moscow region

Regionally, the cabinet furniture market is ambiguous. Moscow, which accounts for more than 50 percent of all sales, operates a variety of industries.

Cabinet furniture in Moscow is produced by the following companies:

  • Azbuka Mebeli company - in the range of kitchens, living rooms, compact hallways, bedroom and children's sets;

  • furniture factory "Ronikon" - luxury and economy wardrobes, individual projects and serial production;

  • Aquarelle factory - manufactures cabinets, kitchens and other cabinet furniture.

The Moscow region market is no less saturated. In the Moscow region, cabinet furniture is produced by factories SAVA-mebel, Corvette, Podolsk, BasKo, February-M and others. The proximity of major suppliers of fittings and components helps to develop workshops and factories for the production of cabinet furniture. The different ways of integration that have emerged in the modern furniture industry are of great importance.

Business and cooperation in the production of cabinet furniture

Many small businesses do not have the ability to maintain their own machine tool park. This is due not only to the high cost of rental space in Moscow and the Moscow region and the cost of the machines themselves, but also to the lack of qualified furniture makers capable of working on modern numerically controlled equipment.

Taking into account the existing demand for the manufacture of furniture parts according to customer sizes, furniture factories and workshops provide small furniture manufacturers and individuals with services for sawing, edging and adding parts. You can order ready-made facades from MDF. This allows for close cooperation between different manufacturers of cabinet furniture.

Some of the furniture shops have almost completely abandoned the production of their own furniture, switching to the manufacture of semi-finished furniture products, thereby providing jobs for several dozen small firms.

You can learn more about the production of cabinet furniture, technologies, machine tools, business in the furniture industry at the annual exhibition Mebel.