Furniture production in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg & ndash; one of the largest cities in Russia with a developed economy, therefore, furniture from manufacturers located in this city is presented in abundance on the domestic market.

Popular furniture manufacturers in St. Petersburg (Saint Petersburg)

Various factories specializing in furniture production are located in St. Petersburg.

Top 5 popular furniture manufacturers include:

  1. 'Sofa Factory' & ndash; a leading manufacturer of upholstered furniture in the northern capital, providing customers with an assortment of products in various price categories. The peculiarity of the manufacturer is a modern online store, supplied with articles on the proper care of upholstered furniture.

  2. 'The first furniture factory' & ndash; one of the oldest furniture manufactures in St. Petersburg, offering durable solutions for creating comfortable living for more than half a century. The kitchens presented in the showrooms are made in various styles from eco-friendly materials using modern design projects.

  3. 'Felix' & ndash; one of the largest office furniture companies in Russia. Two branded showrooms located in St. Petersburg provide customers with a wide choice thanks to large-scale retail space.

  4. 'Stolplit' & ndash; a successful manufacturer of cabinet furniture in the budget price segment. Laconic and functional products are presented in more than 80 popular shades.

  5. 'Pinskdrev' & ndash; one of the manufacturers that provide customers with the opportunity to choose the theme furniture for the children's room, combining the design that the kid loves with the high quality of the product.

Production of upholstered furniture in St. Petersburg

Dixie Furniture & ndash; a store of affordable upholstered furniture selling finished products according to an online catalog and in a store on Bukharestskaya Street. Own production helps to reduce the prices of final products, and a free call of the measurer guarantees a successful purchase through the catalog.

`` YourRoom '' & ndash; a general furniture manufacturer that provides customers with the removal of old furniture, as well as a huge range of products of various designs. The priority area is the sale of furniture through the online store, which makes the purchase process fast and convenient.

'Stock Sofas' & ndash; manufacturer of upholstered furniture at an affordable price. Working with several furniture factories provides clients with upholstered furniture, various in manufacturing technology, appearance and price category.

'Borovichi Furniture' & ndash; manufacturer of interior solutions based on the latest designs and high technologies. For example, among the assortment of upholstered furniture there are lamzaki & ndash; inflatable sofas capable of supporting several people.

Manufacture of cabinet furniture in St. Petersburg

Angstrem & ndash; a mid-range cabinetmaker providing customers with a detailed online catalog as well as a wide variety of natural and artificial decorative materials.

'Hit Furniture' & ndash; seller of cabinet furniture in the budget price segment. Walls and living rooms have a laconic design and are easily combined with interiors of any color, and thanks to the modular structure, everyone can choose an interior solution individually.

'Lux-mebelspb' & ndash; manufacturer of affordable furniture, focused on the complex furnishing of living quarters. For example, racks and TV stands, made in the same style, will be able to create a complete interior of the study.

Production of children's furniture in St. Petersburg

'Nonton' & ndash; manufacturer of affordable children's furniture, the main area of ​​work & ndash; compact children's rooms equipped with solutions for storing a lot of baby's things.

'MebelVia' & ndash; a unique manufacturer of children's furniture, focused on selling products over the Internet. The absence of floor space and associated costs helps keep prices down while offering customers high quality standards.

Manufacture of kitchen furniture in St. Petersburg

'Duet' & ndash; a specialized manufacturer focused on the production of kitchens. A wealth of design projects, as well as specially developed software products for creating an original layout of a future kitchen will help each client to choose the right headset for him.

'Marketmebel' & ndash; one of the manufacturers of kitchen sets of the latest modification. For example, bespoke corner and modular designs allow compact use of miniature kitchens in modern new buildings.

'Polis Kitchens' & ndash; supplier of premium kitchen modules at affordable prices. An abundance of special offers and discounts, as well as the traditionally high quality of service, will allow even buyers with a limited budget to delight themselves with a durable kitchen of an original design.

Manufacture of bathroom furniture in St. Petersburg

'Waterfall' & ndash; manufacturer of modern style bathroom furniture. The combination of modern design and technological coatings allows storage modules to withstand moisture and delight the eye for several years.

Aqua City is a bathroom furniture manufacturer focused on the technical parameters of built-in sanitary ware. Targeting knowledgeable buyers will allow everyone to choose furniture items suitable for their plumbing installation.

'Afonya' & ndash; a bathroom equipment store offering furniture made with Swedish technology. The combination of foreign production standards and domestic materials leads to the optimal combination of laconic design and affordable prices.

'Plumbing-online' & ndash; online store of custom-sized furniture. Affordable and durable furniture will be appreciated by owners of small studio apartments who make the most of every inch of living space.

Production of office furniture in St. Petersburg

'Office Next' & ndash; manufacturer of office furniture in the premium price segment. Original combinations of reliable materials, as well as modular solutions will allow you to equip an office of any size and specialization with ergonomic pieces of furniture.

'Express Office' & ndash; specialized supplier of affordable furniture for office furnishings. Low prices and varied design will make it possible to prepare premises for staff as soon as possible.

Atlantis & ndash; a custom-made office furniture manufacturer working with custom dimensions and design projects. The store is ideal for owners of non-standard office space, as well as those who want to make unique designs for their office.

Furniture production in the Leningrad region

'MebelSVami' & ndash; one of the largest manufacturers of cabinet furniture in Petrozavodsk and Karelia, providing original design at reasonable prices.

'Fabrika98' & ndash; one of the most modern production of kitchen furniture in Vsevolozhsk & ndash; the nearest suburb of St. Petersburg.

Gumbs & ndash; small production of affordable furniture in the city of Pavlovsk.

Production of custom-made furniture in St. Petersburg

'Mr Doors' & ndash; one of the largest stores that manufactures custom-made cabinet and upholstered furniture. The main advantage of the manufacturer & ndash; professional designers who create unique stylish designs that will decorate the homes of the most discerning clients.

'Leningrad Furniture Factory' & ndash; a customer-oriented manufacturer of custom-made furniture, offering customers regular discounts and promotions, free visits of measurers and designers, providing a 3D sketch and design project with samples.

'Project Furniture' & ndash; a cabinet furniture manufacturer that provides manufacturing services based on designs found on the Web. Calculation of the cost and preparation of the initial design project is provided free of charge.

Manufacture of metal furniture in St. Petersburg

'Bicom' & ndash; a specialized manufacturer of metal racks, cabinets and safes, providing services for the delivery and installation of products, as well as free measurement of premises.

'Scaff' & ndash; manufacturer of industrial and household metal cabinets of various modifications.

'Verstakoff' & ndash; manufacturer of metal furniture using foreign technologies. A large warehouse area and modern equipment ensure high quality products.

Manufacture of solid wood furniture in St. Petersburg

'Ligovmebel' & ndash; manufacturer of kitchen sets and cabinet furniture made of solid wood, including & ndash; valuable breeds. The company provides clients with the services of dismantling old furniture and drawing up a design project.

'Russian Craftsman' & ndash; a specialized factory for the manufacture of furniture and other wood products. Traditional `` Russian style '' and modern technologies allow you to authentically decorate residential and office premises.

'Svetlitsa' & ndash; a manufacturer of custom-made kitchen sets, providing customers with a wide range of design projects in various price categories.

You can learn more about furniture production in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities of our country and other countries at the annual Mebel exhibition.