Automation of furniture production

For the profitability of the enterprise, it is necessary to constantly introduce new technologies, design solutions, modern materials and components.

Without automation of furniture production, it is impossible to achieve the manufacture of competitive products. It is important not only to equip the workshop with new equipment, but also to make sure that all machines work in a single mode.

Automation of furniture production

This process includes a chain of several stages:

  • sketch;
  • construction;
  • equipment preparation;
  • creating stubs;
  • cut;
  • assembly;
  • delivery;
  • implementation.

Automation software for furniture production

It is required to consider where and how the finished furniture and necessary materials will be stored. Draw up a schedule for the release of several products at once. For this, various methods of automation of furniture production are used, programs that offer partial (patchwork) or full optimization of the enterprise.

Transfer of time-consuming functions and routine calculations to the CNC increases work efficiency. CAD can speed up design time.

List of programs for industrial automation:

  • 1C: Enterprise, Warehouse, Accounting
  • Kors
  • USU
  • CRAFT from Binom Soft
  • CashDesk
  • IBS
  • FinGrand
  • MyWarehouse

Furniture store automation

Customers want a new table or sofa to arrive promptly. Therefore, the employees of the furniture store should quickly accept and transfer the order to the manufacturer, accurately indicate the timing of its implementation. Creating automated customer service programs will speed up the entire process.

At the Mebel trade fair held at Expocentre Fairgrounds, you can get acquainted with new systems for optimization and automation of the entire furniture production cycle: from order to delivery and conclude contracts for their installation.