Furniture sites

If you need to upgrade your furniture, it is important to choose a responsible supplier that offers a wide range of high quality models. The catalog of websites of shops and manufacturers will allow you to find a cozy hallway or a stylish kitchen.

Furniture sites in Russia

Russian Internet users have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the offer of many companies.

Online catalogs contain not only pictures, but also detailed information:

  • about sizing;
  • about the used fittings and materials;
  • about delivery methods;
  • about promotions and discounts.

There are large multi-page sites of large furniture factories and more compact resources with a limited exclusive range. For example, on the website, the MINGACHEV company offers and sells more than a hundred models of different types of rocking chair tables. You can place an order directly on the manufacturer's website.

On the site of the Perovskaya furniture base, you can find upholstered, cabinet and kitchen furniture.

Medvedev & Co is registered in the Yaroslavl Region. She is one of the leading manufacturers of folding beds in Russia. The organization is engaged in sales with delivery throughout the country. You can place an order on the website

As you can see, the resources of Russian furniture manufacturers and sellers are widely represented on the Internet.

Sites of furniture companies

On some websites of furniture companies working on individual projects, you can call a designer at home so that a specialist can make all the necessary measurements. You yourself choose the material from which your future furniture will be created, colors, interior filling.

For example, the company "Kiprey" is engaged in the production, as well as wholesale and retail sale of children's furniture. Manufacturing according to an individual project is possible. You can view the assortment on the website

Organization "InterKamen48as" is a unique manufacturer of furniture from natural stone. There are products made of marble, quartz stone and granite. Production is located in the Moscow region. Stone furniture allows you to create unusual design solutions. You can place an order on the company's website:

Sites of furniture manufacturers

On the websites of furniture manufacturers, there is usually a lot of information not only about the range, but also the forms of cooperation. After all, each manufacturer is interested in the fact that his products are not stale in the warehouse. But even if on the first page of the site it is not immediately visible how the company works with wholesale suppliers or concludes agreements with retail outlets, you can always ask about this in the feedback form or through personal contact at the specified phone numbers.

Of the large manufacturers working with different volumes, the Soyuz-Mebel company can be noted. The organization started its activity in 1999 and specializes in the production of cabinet furniture for offices and homes. A project for each customer is created individually. Detailed information can be obtained on the website

Furniture factory "DANA" specializes in the production of original cabinet furniture for residential and office premises. You can view the catalog and place an order on the website

The organization "mebius" is engaged in the production and sale of wicker furniture made of artificial rattan. Detailed information is available on the website

Sites of furniture companies

Online resources of furniture companies offer a wide range of products from different manufacturers. Such organizations can accommodate large catalogs or stop in one direction. In any case, this site will feature different brands.

For example, Image Inventor (website: is a supplier of high-quality furniture for beauty salons and hairdressing salons and offers the best equipment from the most famous domestic and foreign companies.

The Kitchen Park Company is a specialized kitchen store. The company's website has options from 60 manufacturers of kitchen furniture (ready-made and custom-made).

Sites of furniture products

Websites of furniture products are created by both manufacturers and suppliers. All variants of the furniture existing today can be presented here. For example, on the website the company "Raskladushki Plus" offers folding beds of its own production with delivery throughout Russia.

On the page of the firm "Meridian" you can order furniture of any complexity from wood and other materials for unique projects.

The easiest way to find the required site is by using online catalogs or by searching the Internet according to the specified parameters. Here you can also see reviews about the work of any furniture company.

Representatives of large and well-known furniture companies participate in the Mebel exhibition at the Expocentre Fairgrounds.