Sites of furniture magazines and forums

When developing a business related to the production, sale or assembly of furniture, it is important not only to keep track of prices and quality, but also to be in the spirit of the times, to meet the needs of consumers and new trends in this area.

To achieve all of the above, it is enough to monitor the Internet, find interesting sites and forums where already established businessmen share their experience and advice. There are a huge number of magazines and websites on the world wide web, where modern trends in the world of furniture are revealed, ideas are told on how to surprise a customer and increase capital.

Sites of furniture business magazines

For those who are just starting to develop the furniture business, the MebelNewsPro website ( will be very useful. On the pages of this resource you can find links to leading magazines specializing in the furniture industry.

The Furniture Industry Magazine ( offers its readers detailed information about trends and novelties on the market, shares tips for achieving success, analyzes the situation with prices and demand for furniture.

Another indisputable leader among furniture magazines is Furniture Production ( The editorial board of the magazine sets itself an ambitious goal - to promote the development of the Russian furniture market, to bring its participants closer together in order to achieve production growth and popularize the domestic furniture product.

On the pages of the site there is a lot of information about news from well-known manufacturers, dates of upcoming exhibitions and forums are given, where you can look for business partners and conclude profitable deals.

Furniture Business Magazine ( is another leading publication in the industry. The editorial staff of the magazine helps to improve communication between furniture manufacturers, manufacturers of components and fittings, and also establishes communication with sales agents.

Along with all-Russian sites, there are regional publications:

  • "Ural furniture maker" (;

  • "Furniture Maker of the South" (;

  • "Furniture maker of Siberia" (

The main achievement of these magazines is that they give an understanding of the development of the furniture industry in the regions, demonstrate the difference in demands and financial capabilities of consumers, but at the same time reflect the general situation and dynamics of the development of the furniture industry in the country.

Sites of furniture business forums

If we talk about forums, then their importance is even more important, since this is the path to the conclusion of agreements, contracts and transactions. On the pages of the forum, you can get advice, exchange opinions and enlist support.

The recognized leader is the Mebelshik website (, which also has a forum where registered users can communicate and share opinions. This site brings together dozens or even hundreds of professionals who analyze the market, make forecasts and influence prices, so communication with such people will enrich with new knowledge and experience.

The website "Forum of Furniture Manufacturers" (, which presents a wide range of topics for discussion, has proven itself not bad, the answers to which are given by successful businessmen and manufacturers. Similar information on the website "Furniture Forum" (

Furniture business and representatives of magazines at exhibitions

Without diminishing the importance of the previous information, it is important to note that it is good to be armed with knowledge, but if they do not know about you, then they do not buy from you. Based on this, it is obvious that you need to work on advertising and presentation of your business. This requires participation in exhibitions where you can tell about yourself, visually study the range of competitors, enter into partnerships with companies.

When preparing for the exhibition, carefully study its direction, requirements for participants. The success of the exhibition depends on the ability to interest, communicate and be useful to other participants of the event.

One of the most famous exhibitions of furniture products is the Furniture Exhibition , which takes place at the Expocentre Fairgrounds.