Furniture products

The furniture market offers a wide range of products, which makes it a daunting task to make the right choice. The production and sale of such goods has its own specifics. All products have their own design and construction features.

Classification and characteristics of furniture products

All interior furnishing products are divided into household and public buildings:

  • furniture for sleeping, sitting, working, storing things is distinguished by functionality;

  • completeness can be piece or in the form of headsets and sets;

  • by design and technological characteristics, there are frame, panel board, case, collapsible, transformable products;

  • the presence of a soft element defines a hard or soft type;

  • according to production technology, they distinguish joinery, pressed, stamped, cast, molded, wicker furniture;

  • products are also qualified by the material of manufacture for wood, metal, plastic and combined;

  • furniture varies in type - sofas, wardrobes, chairs, beds, tables, etc.

Consumer properties of furniture products

For furniture buyers, a number of qualities are most important:

  1. Functionality - conformity of the configuration and size of products to the parameters of the human body, stability of the structure, the possibility of replacing individual elements;

  2. Aesthetic component - compliance with modern style, attractive appearance, harmony of proportions, combination of materials and accessories;

  3. Comfort - ease of use, maintenance, installation and transportation;

  4. Hygiene - no harmful fumes, easy cleaning;

  5. Security;

  6. Ergonomics - the ability to create a comfortable feel during use.

Groups and assortment of furniture products on the Russian market

At the moment, there is a tendency on the market to prefer high-quality and inexpensive furniture. The largest niche is occupied by household products, most often these are cabinet models for hallways, bedrooms, living rooms. Due to the complexity of the technological process, they are mainly produced by large factories.

Another large group is specialized and office furnishings that can be manufactured by small businesses.

Main furniture groups:

  • kitchen sets, including a work area with side tables and cupboards, a dining table, chairs or stools, soft corners;

  • living room furniture - a variety of sofas, armchairs, coffee tables with a shelf for newspapers and magazines, sideboards;

  • furnishings for the bedroom - beds, wardrobes for clothes and linen, dressers, dressing tables, trellises, poufs, banquets;

  • children's furniture is ergonomic, safe, more colorful design, produced as separate items or sets;

  • hallway sets, including wardrobes, shoe racks, hangers, dressing table;

  • office furniture - tables, chairs, armchairs, racks;

  • specialized trade and exhibition equipment;

  • furnishings for public spaces.

Furniture merchandising

The commodity science of furniture products includes all data on the characteristic features of the care of this product, transportation, sale. The presentation of the furniture and its consumer properties directly depend on compliance with the requirements for it.

Acceptance of furniture goods

The buyer accepts furniture in terms of quality and quantity within the agreed time frame. The procedure consists in unpacking and inspecting all items with the seller's representative. The surfaces must be free of defects, all fittings must be present. The fact of acceptance is recorded in the Transfer Certificate and certified by the buyer's signature.

Obligations of the buyer to ensure the conditions for acceptance of the goods:

  • personal presence of the recipient;

  • ensuring the required size. If it does not match the dimensions of the furniture, which was revealed at the time of acceptance, the structure can be disassembled and assembled after moving to the premises at the expense of the customer;

  • in the absence of the buyer, the delivery of the goods is repeated within five days;

  • if it is revealed that the furniture does not comply with the quality contract, the customer has the right to refuse to accept it by making an appropriate note in the Transfer Certificate.

Expertise of furniture products

Examination of furniture is a study of its quality, identification of the causes of defects, carried out by competent specialists. Usually required in disputes between a manufacturer and a consumer seeking to prove their case, or a court ruling.

Investigation of the condition and inspection of products of the furniture industry is carried out at their location or in the laboratory. As a result, the customer is handed an expert opinion, which establishes the compliance of the furniture with the current standards, and the ability to use it for its intended purpose.

Labeling and packaging of furniture products

Each product must have a label indicating the manufacturer, its address, trademark, item name, article number and date of issue. The assembly diagram is attached to the collapsible models.

To protect furniture from contamination and damage, it is packed in a crate made of wood, containers made of synthetic materials or corrugated cardboard. Polished surfaces are covered with polyvinyl film. Transportation is possible by any means of transport.

Storage of furniture products

Furniture items are stored unpacked. For this purpose, dry ventilated rooms are used, protected from dust, humidity, and ultraviolet radiation. Humidity in storage rooms should be within 45-75%, temperature 18-20 C.

Display of furniture products

A significant part of the sales area is allocated for the display of furniture in order to provide buyers with the opportunity to carefully examine all the goods that need to be freely accessible.

The exposition can be formed according to the purpose, then within the group by manufacturer and price category.

Demonstration stands can be created in the hall, imitating the interiors of individual rooms. Complementing are stands with basic furniture materials and upholstery fabrics.

The sales area can be decorated according to the principle of "wandering" according to the "rooms" allocated with specially constructed partitions, or free planning, when cabinet furniture is located along the walls, and low furniture is located in the center.

Sale of furniture products

Products are sold through the retail trade network according to samples. The selected product is delivered to the buyer after ordering.

According to the rules of trade, the sale of furniture has a number of features:

  • there is no possibility of providing a similar product during the repair;

  • furniture cannot be returned if it is of proper quality;

  • it is impossible to exchange products for a similar product with different characteristics;

  • the seller must carry out pre-sale preparation of the goods, which includes control of the complete set, the availability of assembly diagrams and fasteners;

  • upon sale, the buyer receives a sales receipt with a description of all the details of the product and the manufacturer, a list and quantity of all components of the set;

  • Delivery and installation of furniture is usually carried out for a fee.

Related products in a furniture store

In addition to furniture, the retail chain offers a wide range of related products along with it, which allows you to purchase the maximum number of things in a single style in one place for arranging comfort in the house:

  • classic and orthopedic mattresses, pillows;

  • drawers under the bed;

  • home textiles;

  • kitchen sinks and mixers;

  • accessories for the nursery;

  • kitchen utensils and dishes;

  • modern lighting devices of various types;

  • room decoration accessories;

  • goods for the arrangement of balconies, gardens.

Furniture manufacturers and suppliers

There is a wide range of products on the modern market, from which it is sometimes difficult to choose the best option for a combination of price and quality.

Currently, some of the leading furniture manufacturers are:

  1. Shatura, which has existed since 1961, produces office and home goods. The original design of the products allows you to successfully fit modules and sets into any interiors. The model range includes modules of economy class of budget cost and elite samples.

  2. Tria produces furniture from environmentally friendly wood-shaving material using modern German and Italian equipment. Mainly high quality modular systems and headsets for residential use are offered.

  3. Lazurit has been specializing in the manufacture of cabinet furniture since 1996. All materials used in production are certified. The buyer is given the opportunity to choose a ready-made set or custom-made furniture.

  4. Soyuz-Mebel has been on the market for over 10 years, producing a full range of furniture for residential premises. The production uses high quality materials and reliable fittings. Kitchen countertops are resistant to temperature extremes. Products are provided with a 18-month warranty - service works are carried out by our own service.

  5. Premium, founded in 2007, specializes in the production of cabinet furniture for residential, office and commercial premises. Of particular interest to buyers is the manufacture of custom-made furniture.

  6. Silva produces a wide range of products, but the most popular among customers are ergonomic kitchen sets of stylish design with interesting color schemes.

  7. Courage produces modular headsets with well-thought-out construction and striking design solutions.

  8. Sotos produces a wide range of products for residential premises, furniture for catering establishments, exhibition and trade equipment. The most popular are kitchen sets, bar counters, catering modules.

  9. Stoplit is the leader in the lower price segment. The greatest demand is for kitchen modules that allow you to independently form an individual set.

  10. Glazkovskaya Furniture Factory, which has existed since 1934, produces furniture in a modern and classic style. Products are manufactured according to Western technologies on modern computerized equipment.

Many large furniture companies demonstrate their products at the Mebel exhibition, which is annually held at the Expocentre Fairgrounds.