Furniture machines

Furniture production is a complex, labor-intensive process that directly depends on the equipment. Modern high-tech machine tools allow you to automate the workflow, thereby increasing productivity efficiency. The latest furniture equipment works with various materials and can withstand high loads.

Types and characteristics of machines for furniture production

Furniture manufacturing is considered one of the most problematic types of production processes. This is due to the fact that for successful business development it is impossible to produce serial products, and to expand production requires equipment designed to perform both highly specialized and wide-profile operations.

Modern, high-tech equipment is expensive, bulky and consumes a lot of electricity.

In order for furniture production to work with maximum efficiency, production shops must be equipped with all the necessary equipment. For efficient production operation, panel saws, edge banding and drilling and filler machines.

Furniture production begins with the cutting of wood-based panels and here it is impossible to do without panel saws. The quality of further operations depends on the accuracy of cutting.

Types of machines for cutting wood-based panels:

  • CNC;
  • with ball guides;
  • with roller guides;
  • for vertical nesting;
  • for curved cuts.

Edgebanding machines are required in order to apply edging material to curved and straight pieces.

Edgebanders are:

  • automatic;
  • hand-fed;
  • automatic straight lines.

Drilling machines are classified into:

  • one-traverse;
  • multi-traverse with automatic feed;
  • multi-traverse semi-automatic;
  • CNC boring and filler.

The furniture industry requires machines for processing solid wood, gluing, auxiliary and sharpening equipment.

Furniture drilling machines

Furniture drilling machines are essential in the manufacture of cabinet furniture. With the help of this equipment, blind and through holes of a certain diameter and at a fixed distance are made.

Drilling and filler machines are divided into three groups:

  • assembly for hinges and fittings;
  • middle class machines .;
  • semi-automatic.

Machines for adding hinges and fittings are used for vertical drilling of blind holes for installing hinges. All the necessary setting of the machine is done manually. The machines are equipped with a head feed brake, speed control and clamps for fixing the workpiece.

Medium-class machines are designed for high-precision drilling of holes in the ends of furniture boards and bars.

Semi-automatic machines are equipped with a rigid bed, which allows them to work smoothly in harsh conditions. These machines are highly accurate in setting and machining, which reduces changeover times.

When choosing drilling and filler machines, you need to pay attention to the maximum dimensions of the workpieces, the power of the electric motors, the number of drilling groups, the number of spindles in the traverse and the weight of the machine.

CNC Furniture Machines

Numerical software (CNC) is used in many industries. In furniture production, CNC is also used to work on milling machines.

An automated milling machine performs smoothly, producing high quality products. The presence of a specialist is required only for the installation and removal of parts from the conveyor.

To process parts at different stages, you just need to change the program. With the help of one program, you can make a large number of absolutely identical parts. From an increase in production, the quality of finished products does not deteriorate.

When choosing a CNC milling machine, you need to pay attention to the dimensions of the table, the method of fixing the workpiece and accessories.

Furniture board

Furniture board is a natural material that is optimally suited for the production of furniture and interior items. The furniture board is environmentally friendly, does not deform when the humidity and temperature changes, it is strong and durable.

Shields are solid and spliced. All-laminated shields are glued from thin bars, and spliced ​​ones consist of short bars that are glued along and across.

Furniture panel is made from hardwood or coniferous wood, such as oak or ash.

Machines for a small furniture shop

Technological equipment of a small furniture shop differs significantly from the equipment of a large furniture factory.

If the factory must have equipment for highly specialized operations of various profiles and devices for widespread use, CNC machines, then for a small workshop it is enough to purchase the following machines:

  • panel saw;
  • edgebanding;
  • thicknesser;
  • four-sided.

The panel saw is required for cutting furniture parts. The machine is produced both for industrial volumes and for small-scale production.

The edgebander is designed for edge banding on panels. Manual and automatic are available.

Thicknesser is used for more detailed preparation of parts.

The four-sided machine is designed for cutting boards into lamellas, from which furniture panels are made.

In the furniture industry, there is a huge number of different equipment, but the listed machines are the most important and necessary.

Furniture production in Russia

In 2017 in Russia, in the field of furniture production, there are almost 6,000 large companies.

In terms of the number of manufacturing enterprises, the Central and Volga districts are in the lead in this area. It is here that the largest enterprises in Russia are located, producing furniture products of all names.

In the regions, furniture manufacturers are represented by small and medium-sized businesses that produce products that cannot withstand any competition.

In the Far Eastern and North Caucasian districts, furniture manufacturers are the least registered. Furniture products are supplied to these districts from neighboring regions or China and Turkey.

Therefore, the Far Eastern and North Caucasian districts are of the greatest interest for the development of furniture production in Russia.

Furniture stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg

There are different trade enterprises selling furniture in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The largest are large furniture complexes, where the leading manufacturers of the furniture industry are gathered under one roof:

  • "Grand". The furniture trade complex "Grand" is the largest specialized trade complex in Europe for the sale of Russian and imported furniture. There are more than 800 furniture salons of domestic and foreign companies;

  • MC ROOMER. The modern complex has united in one place more than 300 furniture showrooms. The catalog of the furniture center is located on the website, where you can familiarize yourself with the entire range of the MC;

  • FURNITURE HALL SPb. The total area of ​​the center is 35,000 sq. m. A wide range of furniture is presented on 4 floors of the center. The entire assortment of the center is presented in the catalog on the website, which you can familiarize yourself with in detail before going shopping.

Machine tools for furniture production in Krasnodar

No furniture production can be successful without modern furniture equipment. Optimization of the technological process allows you to reduce the influence of the human factor and minimize costs.

The KAMI Association has been supplying equipment for the production of cabinet furniture for 25 years. The company offers a full range of machines for furniture production by Russian and foreign representatives.

Kuban - Internet catalog of equipment for furniture production in the Krasnodar Territory and the Rostov Region. A large selection of modern machines of any range. Particular attention is paid to CNC machines for the manufacture of products of unique design.

Furniture machines for rent

In order to open a small furniture shop with a minimum set of necessary machines, you will need at least 40 thousand dollars. But for those who do not have such an amount, there is an alternative - the rental of furniture machines. This service will cost much less.

Buy used furniture machines on the Internet

Equipment for furniture production is very expensive, but without it it is impossible to establish a successful furniture production. New models of machines, more productive, are constantly appearing on the equipment market, which will contribute to an increase in output and, accordingly, profits. But what about outdated hardware?

The most effective way is to sell online using free ads. There are also special exchanges where used professional equipment for the production of furniture is sold.

Homemade furniture machines

A homemade filler machine can be made from any drill. This will require:

  • drill stand;
  • a sheet of thick plywood;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • two bolts.

Step by step instructions:

  • a base 20x40 cm is cut out of plywood;

  • in the lower left corner, drill a hole for the fixing bolt. On the right, make a groove to the middle of the base (for the second bolt). The bolt can be used to change the height;

  • use self-tapping screws to attach the drill stand to the base and make a hole for the drill;

  • the filler is ready.

But not all equipment for a furniture shop can be made by hand, some of the machines will still need to be bought or rented.

Machines for furniture production are demonstrated at the Mebel exhibition, which is held annually at the Expocentre Fairgrounds.