Furniture bases

Furniture bases are one of the best options to pick up all the necessary interior items, from sofas to kitchen sets in one place. In addition, here you can order everything you need for an office or business: chairs, tables, specialized interior items in the required amount.

In order not to get lost in the huge number of proposals of furniture manufacturers, we will try to provide a useful collection of information about production bases located throughout Russia.

Wholesale furniture bases

Large and reputable bases of upholstered and cabinet furniture manufacturers are:

  • in the middle segment - "Matrix", "Domesticated", "Blando", "Baroque";

  • economy class - "Mebel Wood-s", "Sofart".

Furniture bases of factories "World of chairs", "Normis" specialize in a variety of chairs, stools and tables. On the basis of the Melody of Sleep company, models of bedroom sets are presented.

The wholesale furniture warehouse "Sofia" in Moscow offers the entire range of necessary products for the home.

Furniture fittings bases

Large bases of furniture accessories, manufacturing products for all furniture segments from kitchen facades to hooks and door handles, are concentrated in Ulyanovsk - these are the bases of the Plitstroy, Gala-Center, Milada, Takhim-Invest factories "," Rainbow "," Vector-M "," KDM ".

Addresses of bases of furniture factories, companies, salons:

  • The base of the company "Matrix" - Ulyanovsk, passage 9th Engineering, 26;

  • Base of the factory "Domosed" - Kuznets, st. Pravdy 117, RSU-8;

  • Base of the manufacturer "Mebel Wood-s" - Ulyanovsk, 40th passage Engineering PZOIG "Okolitsa-1";

  • Base of the factory "World of chairs" - Kuznetsk, st. Ordzhonikidze, 175;

  • Base of the Sofart factory - Izhevsk, st. 14th, 145;

  • Salon "Melody of sleep" - Moscow, Shchelkovskoe shosse, 3, metro Cherkizovskaya (TC "Furniture of Russia", 1st floor).

Bases of furniture production and furniture assembly

In Novosibirsk there is a base of the manufacturer of cabinet furniture "Vesta", in the city of Penza - the base of the company "Mif", large bases of manufacturers of various furniture, both cabinet and upholstered - "Lavr" in Ryazan and "Akvilon" in Izhevsk. The base of the North Caucasian Furniture Factory in Stavropol has proven itself well in the segment of expensive furniture.

Furniture accessories in the capital are offered by the bases "MDM-Complect", "MIAN" and "McMart". The production and base of the Divnogorsk plant of polymer products, which specializes in plastic parts for furniture, is located in Krasnoyarsk, and in Izhevsk, on the basis of TD Megapolis, you can order components for office cabinets and kitchen sets.

You can learn more about wholesale furniture bases at the annual Furniture exhibition.