Classic furniture

Throughout our life, we are surrounded by antiques: most often, it is some kind of furniture or decorations for the home. And rightly so: after all, the products of ancient masters are not without reason famous for their durability and elegance. Wooden wardrobes with twisted handles, wrought iron beds - this is a romantic and sophisticated solution for any apartment!

When choosing furniture, we almost always give preference to classic, time-tested options. The "standard" solutions include furniture in styles such as Baroque or Rococo, as well as classicism.

Classicism is the classic style we are used to - antique solutions, gilded handles and twisted wood ornaments. This style will never leave glossy magazines - after all, the classics never become obsolete.

Classic furniture production

In the manufacture of classic furniture, the process is divided into several separate stages:

  • layout development in the online builder. To produce quality furniture, it is necessary to think over the length and shape of all its components, for example, legs, seats or drawers. The project is drawn up in a special program, at this stage materials for manufacturing are selected;

  • selection of wood and its initial preparation for use. To make the wishes of the customer come true, the most suitable and high-quality materials are selected, most often it is oak or other popular types of wood. Next, the tree is cut and adjusted to the shape necessary for assembling the household item;

  • inlay. This is the name of a special type of decoration for wooden products, based on the addition of wooden furniture with metal inserts, carved ornaments. This procedure will make the furniture more interesting and original, which will increase its uniqueness;

  • polishing is considered to be one of the most difficult and "jewelry" operations in the furniture making process. It is a preparatory process for varnishing;

  • thorough varnishing of surfaces. This coating protects furniture from premature wear and tear and allows it to be shinier and smoother, thus more attractive. It is carried out by purely specialists and requires a lot of effort.

Making classic upholstered furniture

The difference between the production of ordinary furniture and upholstered furniture is insignificant, but a number of differences are still present:

  • the production of upholstered furniture will require the manufacturer to simultaneously select the optimal version of the fabric for the upholstery, the filling inside it;

  • the process of making upholstered furniture is much longer than simple wooden tables or boxes;

  • more often, more money is spent on the production of good quality upholstered furniture.

One of the most sophisticated options for upholstered furniture is genuine leather headsets. In the production of such products, leather is used with special characteristics necessary for the long-term use of sofas, armchairs, chairs and other models.

Russian classic furniture manufacturers

When choosing furniture, it is important to pay attention to the period of existence of the company and the raw materials from which your furniture will be made. Some of the types of wood may not be suitable for some rooms at all, but will perfectly fit into the interior of others.

In the Russian Federation, the production of classic-style furniture is carried out by such companies as:

  • Utah offers over 100 models;

  • Zarechye has 400 salons in different cities of Russia and neighboring countries;

  • Courage is a member of the Association of Furniture and Woodworking Enterprises of Russia;

  • Stella produces beech and oak furniture using Italian technology;

  • "Ufamebel" sales network of the enterprise covers 350 cities of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia and Kazakhstan;

  • "Ash" - the factory was repeatedly awarded with diplomas and gold medals at the most prestigious exhibitions;

  • "Arkos" specializes in the creation of premium and economy class upholstered furniture;

  • Almaz produces furniture under the Lyubimy Dom trademark.

All enterprises produce high-quality, durable furniture.

Classic custom furniture

If the presented ready-made versions of classic furniture are not suitable, then you can choose companies that work on an individual order. Thus, & nbsp; you can get a wardrobe or a whole set that will not be like the others.

When ordering, the client has full control of the entire process: from the selection of wood to the cutting of parts.

Classical furniture is not in vain considered a sign of wealth and aristocratic roots of its owner. She can serve more than one generation of residents of the house, and will never go out of changeable fashion. Therefore, when making custom-made furniture, it is worth paying attention to the classic motives.

Carved wood wardrobes or lush beds will make your home aesthetically pleasing and cozy, especially if no one else has such furniture.

Classic style furniture from different countries

Love for everything aesthetic and beautiful is rightfully assigned to Italians. This is so - indeed, the inhabitants of Italy have an excellent taste both in clothing and dishes, and in furniture. This country is rightfully considered the main supplier of classic furniture.

At the moment such manufacturers are gaining popularity as:

  • Bakokko is an Italian factory offering living rooms and bedroom sets, as well as office furniture;

  • Armobil is a company from Italy, specializing not only in classic, but also in modern furniture of a wide range;

  • Pram - produces antique furniture;

  • Maronese - & nbsp; has been manufacturing classic and modern furniture for over 50 years;

  • Arredo Classic is actively involved in major furniture exhibitions, from Milan to Paris, from the USA to Dubai.

All of them produce unique furniture of classic design only from natural wood species, finished parts undergo increased processing and additional polishing. All these companies are represented in furniture stores and shopping centers in Russia.

Sale of classic furniture

Today, most organizations for wholesale deliveries choose classic furniture over the Internet.

Notice boards, catalogs of firms and manufacturers' websites allow you to select all the necessary samples. Private buyers prefer to see samples with their own eyes, touch them with their hands and make sure of the softness of an armchair or sofa.

Stylish classic furniture options offer:

  • shopping centers;
  • specialty stores;
  • salons.

On the other hand, manufacturing companies create their own websites and actively promote their products offline through retail outlets and exhibitions.

Classic furniture from the manufacturer at the exhibition

At the Mebel exhibition a wide selection of classic models of furniture for living rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms, as well as kitchen sets is presented. This large-scale event is attended by manufacturers of classic furniture from around the world.

Expositions of well-known factories showcase current furniture samples. During the exhibition, manufacturers and suppliers organize business meetings and conferences where they talk about new products and conclude agreements on mutually beneficial cooperation.