Furniture Brands

Well-known furniture brands are constantly experimenting. Among the products of popular companies, you can see both classic and futuristic models.

In order to stay up to date with the latest trends in interior design, you need to explore the main offerings of furniture brands.

World names of furniture brands

Brands are at the forefront of global furniture trendsetters:

  1. Vitra - the company appeared back in 1934, then the young Willy Felbaum bought a German company and named it Vitra. Wiley was interested in the work of the spouses Charles and Ray, who produced wonderful designer chairs. Soon, Willie buys the copyrights for the chairs and starts selling them in bulk in Europe. Chairs and other designer furniture have become very popular in European countries. The Vitra brand is the world leader in furniture to this day. Vitra employees cooperate with top brands that are known to every person on the planet earth: Mercedes Benz, Microsoft, Coca-Cola.

  2. Antonio Baston is a factory that produces gilded furniture. Talented craftsmen create exclusive home products from environmentally friendly materials every time. Antonio Baston furniture models are known all over the world for their stylish and unusual shapes. Antonio Baston produces upholstered furniture for bedrooms and living rooms. Miniature products do not take up much space in the room and go well with the general interior of the house.

  3. The Italian company Minotti began its existence in 1947. At first, the company's employees produced classic furniture: armchairs and sofas, but with the arrival of designer Rodolfo Dordoni, everything changed dramatically. The new art director Rodolfo Dordoni proposed an innovative concept for furniture: the models began to be produced from exotic materials, for example, crocodile leather. The shape of the armchairs and sofas has also changed and acquired pronounced cubic dimensions. In addition, experimental furniture is made at Minotti. The products are characterized by a variety of shapes, high functionality, and unique design motives.

European furniture brands

Among European brands, the following trademarks are the most popular:

  • Hulsta. The German brand Hulsta is popular in European countries. Hulsta was founded in 1940 in a small town near Holland by Alois Hüls. At first it was a family business, with only 10 people working in the carpentry workshop, creating kitchen appliances for the housewives. But then the business took off and the company began to expand. Today Hulsta produces 50 models of furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, hallways. High German quality and unique design solutions are the hallmarks of the Hulsta brand;

  • SITS develops armchairs, sofas and other types of upholstered furniture under the same name. Sits is over 200,000 different sofas and armchairs made from environmentally friendly materials;

  • under the brand name of the Spanish brand Angel Cerda , which has existed for more than 125 years, several companies operate. Angel Cerda furniture is sold in many parts of the world in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. The brand offers dining and office tables, bookshelves, tables, armchairs, sofas. Angel Cerda bunk beds and armchairs are designed with ergonomic features for a comfortable rest after a working day. The production is constantly growing. New offices, warehouses, factories under the Angel Cerda logo open all over the world.

Italian furniture brands

The main trendsetters in furniture fashion are in Italy. For many years, the phrase "Italian furniture" has been synonymous with high-quality, comfortable, and most importantly, stylish products.

Among the Italian brands, one can single out the B & amp; B Italia company, which appeared in 1966. The B & amp; B Italia brand executives invest 3% of their capital in the development of new technologies and materials needed to create innovative furniture.

Each B & amp; B Italia furniture collection is designed for a specific setting. There are options for the garden, office and home. A separate line is occupied by models made of wood.

DV Homecollection was founded in 1974. In the beginning it was the production of small batches of wooden furniture. Today, DV Homecollection quickly gained momentum and from a private company turned into a large factory for the production of stylish classic kitchen furniture.

Russian furniture brands

One of the Russian furniture brands is the St. Petersburg company The Idea , which manufactures dressers, chairs, cabinets, cabinets and tables of unusual design. The Idea company is only a year old, but the furniture of this company is already in great demand in Russia. The young company The IDEA has gained popularity due to the convenience, functionality and minimalism of the offered furniture models.

Russian Furniture Company (RMK), which was established in 1995, can also be referred to as modern Russian brands. The Russian furniture company produces modern products using Italian and German equipment.

The RMK catalog contains furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, children's rooms. The Russian furniture company actively participates in international furniture exhibitions.

Popular online furniture stores

Today, almost every major furniture manufacturing company has its own online store.

On the Angstrem website, you can order the required option and arrange delivery to any point in Russia. The catalog of the HomeMe online store contains high-quality furniture that can be borrowed by installments. HomeMe offers furniture for Moscow customers, the online store employees carry out delivery and subsequent assembly.

On the pages of the TRIYA company website there is a lot of high-quality furniture at an attractive price.

The Tsvet Divanov firm offers products in the online store, as well as in 400 salons located in different parts of our country.

MOON TRADE online store is a sale of branded furniture. Products are delivered to St. Petersburg, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and Bryansk.

Bathroom Furniture Brands

Modern furniture factories pay great attention to bathroom models.

Famous brands include the following companies:

Villeroy & amp; Boch (Germany-Italy-Austria) is the largest manufacturer of bathroom furniture. Fourteen large factories are located in Europe and America. In the factories of Villeroy & amp; Boch manufactures mirrors, lamps, column cabinets, wall shelves and other accessories that are relevant in the bathroom. Villeroy & amp; Boch produces expensive but high quality and functional furniture;

ROCA (Russia and Spain) have been on the bathroom furniture market for almost 90 years. Today ROCA is a well-known brand offering designer furniture made of moisture-resistant chipboard. All models are perfectly combined with baths, sinks, toilets, as well as lamps and mirrors of the same brand;

Triton (Russia) specializes in the manufacture of shower cabins and bathrooms, as well as moisture-resistant furniture that is not subject to corrosion and fungi. The company develops furniture taking into account the peculiarities of the layout of typical apartments in Russia. Triton introduces 50 different bathroom furniture models to the market.

Brands of children's furniture

In the creation of children's furniture, product safety, its ergonomic characteristics and style are of particular importance. Manufacturers know how important it is for a child to sit comfortably in a chair, open and close cabinet doors, and rest in a crib.

Among the brands of children's furniture are:

  • cribs from Agate . A special slatted bottom is used in the design of the crib, thanks to which the baby's spine develops correctly. There are lullaby models in which it is convenient to lull a baby;

  • children's furniture from the Italian company Pali . Pail models are created from environmentally friendly materials, structures have smooth corners and an anti-allergenic coating. The coating is treated with non-toxic paints, according to European quality standards;

  • classic children's dressers of the Krasnaya Zvezda trademark. There are four spacious drawers built into the chests of drawers, in which mother and child can put toys and other children's things. Also, the top can be used like & nbsp; changing table.

Kitchen furniture brands

Kitchen sets should be characterized by increased functionality and durability. Therefore, only experienced manufacturers can create real kitchen brands.

MARCHI GROUP is a factory for the production of luxury kitchen furniture from high quality wood (antique oak, Italian walnut). Cabinet door handles are created using a secret technology that has been going on for more than 60 years. in the line of the brand of kitchen of the classic direction and country style.

Scavolini is the number one brand in Italy and throughout Europe. Scavolini furniture is difficult to confuse with anything else - modular, compact and stylish headsets fit into the interior of a kitchen of any size. Scavolini is the largest furniture manufacturer with annual revenues of over 400 million euros.

Scavolini offers over 40 models of kitchen sets and over 180 different design styles. The Italian brand is a pioneer in television advertising, with Scavolini commercials dating back to 1975. The company provides a 30 month warranty for all manufactured furniture. Scavolini performs over 600 different studies every year to improve existing models.

Brands of upholstered furniture

Let's take a look at five of the country's top upholstered furniture brands:

  • Laguna (Belarus) supplies leather sofas and beds, corner and modular designs from famous designers;

  • Pinskdrev offers a huge selection of furniture in the salons of the company. Here you can see headsets, armchairs, ottomans, corner and ordinary sofas with a top layer of textiles and leather. Pinskdrev supplies both inexpensive upholstered furniture and luxury models with a variety of design elements;

  • Shatura-Furniture are sofas, armchairs and couches that can be placed in an office, apartment or house. Products from Shatura-Furniture can be found in IKEA stores;

  • Mebel-Holding is a well-known Russian brand that produces sofas with unusual shapes, as well as ottomans and couches;

  • Anderssen produces upholstered furniture with removable covers - couches, poufs, sofas and armchairs for bedrooms.

Sale of furniture from popular brands

At the sale of furniture from popular brands, you can pick up products from collections of famous brands at a low price.

The sale can be carried out by manufacturing companies and trade enterprises. Usually, prices are reduced for single items from the collection, which are planned to be discontinued, and exhibition samples.

In addition, a sale is needed to update the assortment. The sale offers high quality Italian, German, Chinese, Russian and Spanish furniture from well-known brands.

Copies of famous brand furniture

Idea borrowing occurs in a wide variety of business areas. If we talk about the furniture industry, then it is enough to recall the four-legged stool created by the designer Gillis Lundgren in 1970. As it turned out later, the designer simply copied the design that Alvar Alto invented in 1933.

Italian, Russian and French furniture factories are known all over the world. As a rule, branded furniture is quite expensive. It is not surprising that there are copies of famous brands of furniture on the market.

Of course, you can buy similar models, but the quality of such furniture will be much lower. The savings in the production of copies are based on the use of low-quality fittings and other components. In addition, no one will give a guarantee for such products.

Famous furniture brands in Moscow at the exhibition

Expocentre AO is one of the largest exhibition companies.

The Furniture Exhibition , which is held annually by Expocentre AO, is a large-scale event attended by thousands of furniture manufacturers.

The exposition presents Russian furniture brands such as:

  • Comfort Formula;
  • ANDERSSEN upholstered furniture factory;
  • Avanti Trading House.

Foreign companies include: GRASS GMBH (Austria); GOMELDREV (Belarus); NEO-KITCHEN (Germany). As part of the exhibition, trade enterprises find new suppliers of products, and factories demonstrate the latest production innovations.

Many well-known furniture brands: Russian, European, world; participate in the annual exhibition Mebel.