Furniture from the exposition

Specialized exhibitions are the best place to promote products. Such events are needed in order to visually show the merits of the new & nbsp; collection and find additional markets for the sale of products. One of such large-scale events is the Furniture exhibition, which is held by the Expocentre Fairgrounds.

Sale of samples of exhibition furniture after exposure

After the exhibition, sellers try to sell furniture products so as not to waste time and money on dismantling and transportation back to the salon.

There are many benefits for buyers when purchasing these items:

  • you won't have to pay for the assembly;

  • samples can be carefully inspected;

  • as a rule, discounts are made for such a purchase;

  • fast delivery, usually on the day of purchase.

Stores change exhibition samples approximately every six months. As soon as a new collection comes out, you need to make room for it at the exhibition. This is a great opportunity to save money for those who want to buy a quality product for little money.

Buyers who are afraid to take products from exhibitions should know that the presented collection & ndash; these are the most attractive examples. Sellers exhibit products of higher quality, without flaws. And good discounts (up to 50%) & ndash; additional incentive to think about buying.

Sale of bathroom furniture

  • Bricklayer Company & ndash; a leading factory dedicated to the production of high quality bathroom fittings. The 25 month warranty on all products proves this.

  • Furniture group 'Opadiris' produces and sells about 30 furniture collections. It sells samples from its expositions with an attractive 50% discount.

  • Shop Vodok represents the trademark Francesca. In the showroom, you can see the products on display and take part in the sale.

Sale of children's furniture from the exposition in Moscow

  • Children's furniture store 'Rumpa' sells samples from its own expositions at low prices. Ideal value for money.

  • Furniture factory 'Stolplit' sells furnishings for a children's room with a discount of up to 40%. Deliver and assemble in the same day.

  • Scand Furniture Factory represent in several shopping centers in Moscow. The company works without prepayment and asks to deposit money for furniture products only after delivery.

Sale of kitchen furniture from the exposition

  • Kitchen sets from the furniture company 'Fran' can be purchased at competitive prices with up to 80% discount. The promotion has a nice bonus in the form of a two-year guarantee.

  • In the largest kitchen store KukhniPark the widest range of furniture products is presented. It will not be difficult to choose a kitchen according to special parameters and will significantly save money.

  • Online store of economy class 'DominoMebel' sells products at very low prices. Fast next day delivery and over 12 months warranty.

Sale of Chinese furniture from the exposition

Chinese products at favorable prices are put up for sale in the salon `` Furniture of Spain and China ''. Discounts can be used by residents of other regions of the country.

Online store `` DomSon '' represents Chinese furniture factories. Despite the cheapness of raw materials and labor, all samples are produced at a high level. Materials and fittings are subject to quality control.

Online hypermarket `` China Furniture '' has been supplying worthy products to Russia for more than 10 years. All collections are presented in classic and modern styles.

Sale of Italian furniture in Moscow

  • Salon 'Mobilicasa' is a leader in the supply of luxury Italian furniture. The company also offers the services of designers to help you set up your home or office.

  • Salon `` Italmond '' has been selling exquisite Italian and European furniture for almost 20 years, selling unique samples from its expositions.

  • Shop 'Buon Giorno' supplies products of famous Italian brands. It can help buyers determine the size, develop a project and comfortably furnish any room.

After the Mebel exhibition it is more profitable for some exhibitors to immediately sell furniture from the exposition and not take it back to the region or another country, so companies are selling samples from Italian, Chinese, Russian and other manufacturers.