Hallway furniture

The space of the hallway or corridor must be functional, therefore special furniture is used to furnish these premises, which meets the specific requirements of safety, ergonomics, quality and durability.

Hallway furniture production

Cabinet furniture is used to provide sufficient storage space in a limited space.

There are 3 main types of corpus hallway construction:

  • straight (monolithic hallways for installation along a straight wall);

  • corner (monolithic or modular hallways for installation in the corner);

  • mini-hallways (hangers, hallways with a minimum set of furniture and storage facilities).

Each of these variations, in turn, can be performed in 3 variations:

  1. open (no cabinets);

  2. swing (with classic wardrobes);

  3. compartment (with wardrobes).

Traditionally, such furniture is made of chipboard (chipboard), MDF or solid wood. The finished raw materials are cut out, the parts go through the preparation and finishing stage, after which the product is assembled. This technique is the most common among Russian furniture factories and small workshops.

Trends in the hallway furniture market

Thanks to the development of technology in recent years, there has been a trend towards the production of furniture from plastic, metal, glass and combined materials. Designers and engineers of foreign and domestic companies are actively introducing advanced developments, as a result of which products of unusual shapes, sizes and colors begin to enter the market.

The impetus for the development of the production of multifunctional transforming furniture was the widespread distribution of studio apartments in our country, a distinctive characteristic of which is the minimum total and living space. This generates a regular demand for furniture items for hallways that can accommodate not only clothes and shoes, but also other household items.

Another popular trend in the development of the furniture market is the creation of eco-style items. Such furniture is made exclusively from materials of natural origin & ndash; solid wood, stone, natural fabrics, etc. This popular trend came to our country from Europe, where great attention is paid to environmentally friendly technologies and goods.

The use of environmentally friendly raw materials increases costs, as a result of which eco furniture is often attributed to the premium segment. Often such furniture is made to order or by hand.

Russian market of hallway furniture

The Russian market of hallway furniture is one of the largest in Eastern Europe, but it is still far from saturation and has huge growth potential. Analysts note the constantly growing consumer interest in new products in the furniture industry.

The demand for classic types of furniture for hallways remains at a stable level & ndash; box and modular headsets. The main advantage of these hallways is their availability to a wide consumer, a rich assortment and a low price.

Manufacturing of furniture according to individual orders made in online stores is gaining more and more popularity. On such online sites, the consumer can independently choose materials, sizes, accessories, finishing methods and much more. This approach allows the manufacturer to reduce costs and increase its competitiveness in the market.

The manufactured products must fully satisfy the needs of the target audience, which is why the manufacturer should constantly monitor the novelties of the global furniture industry.

Finished furniture products should not only look attractive, but also be safe. For this reason, great attention is paid to the observance of norms and standards in the production of furniture for hallways & ndash; both Russian and international.

Examples of modern hallway furniture, furniture manufacturing equipment and market trends are on display at the annual Mebel.