Artificial rattan furniture

Household and garden furniture made of artificial rattan must comply with the requirements of GOST 16371-2014 and GOST 25552-82. Artificial rattan used for weaving household and garden furniture must meet a number of requirements for safety, quality and other indicators.

There is a natural, rather expensive, and artificial rattan, cheaper, but thanks to modern production technologies, it is durable and of high quality.

Raw materials for making artificial rattan for wicker furniture

For weaving furniture intended for indoor or outdoor use, artificial rattan made by extrusion of polyvinyl chloride or a mixture of rubber and polyethylene is used.

To give the fiber additional properties, some manufacturers use special additives. In some cases, recyclable materials of acceptable quality are used, which remain after the production of similar furniture.

Characteristics of modern artificial rattan:

  • safety. The polymers that make up artificial rattan, during operation, must not release hazardous chemical compounds into the air, water or soil;

  • durability. The material must be resistant to decay and corrosion. Artificial rattan fiber is protected from UV rays using special additives that prevent the onset of the photodegradation process. Therefore, over time, the fibers do not lose their elasticity and do not become less durable;

  • aesthetic appeal. Artificial rattan rods come in various diameters, shapes and lengths, and the use of modern light-absorbing dyes allows you to get the material of all kinds of colors.

Prospects for the development of the artificial rattan furniture market

The number of fans of out-of-town recreation is constantly growing, and with it the demand for wicker garden furniture is increasing. Russian and foreign designers and manufacturers already today offer furniture that meets all the requirements of the time - it is simple, comfortable, safe and beautiful.

Of great interest is furniture made of artificial rattan of bright colors or glowing in the dark, from rods of non-standard width or with an unusual texture, etc. These can be garden sets and living room sets, storage furniture, hanging chairs and swings, as well as fences and other decorative elements.

Russian market of artificial rattan wicker furniture

Despite the fact that the first models of furniture for home and garden, made from imitation of rattan rods, hit the Russian market back in the 90s, this niche still remains practically undeveloped by Russian manufacturers.

A large market share is occupied by products of foreign manufacturers - factories from Europe, China, Vietnam and other countries of Southeast Asia.

Imported wicker furniture is of decent workmanship, but the fiber used is often not suitable for use in Russian climatic conditions.

In addition, such products are not cheap, which is why wicker furniture is not popular among consumers with an average income.

The exception in this regard is some products from the PRC, made using machine weaving, but the quality of such furniture is not always perfect.

Russian manufacturers of artificial rattan wicker furniture are represented mainly by small and medium-sized businesses. Weaving from polymer rods here is carried out manually, which is why this type of activity does not allow producing furniture in large batches.

In addition, hand weaving requires skill on the part of workers and takes a lot of time, as a result of which the cost of such furniture is quite high.

Wicker furniture made of artificial rattan is also on display at the Furniture exhibition held at Expocentre

Advantages of artificial rattan furniture

Branded furniture stores offer a wide range of exclusive designs. Foreign brands are known for experimentation.

Manufacturers are trying to use new types of materials, new forms and technical solutions.

Artificial rattan furniture is becoming a shining example of an innovative approach.

Natural rattan is a rare and expensive raw material. It is mined mainly in Africa, in the tropics.

The cost of furniture walls and cabinets made of natural materials has a huge mark-up.

Artificial rattan retains the characteristics of natural, but costs several times cheaper. The main thing is that the material is similar in appearance.

  • Non-standard design move. Artificial rattan furniture will certainly attract attention. This is an extraordinary solution, which in many ways does not fit into the classical canons. Moreover, it is beneficial to use such interior products both in apartments and in country houses.

  • Reliability and durability. Both natural and artificial rattan are invulnerable to mechanical damage. Despite its minimal weight, furniture is difficult to break or dent. In ancient times, huts and houses were built from the material, which became protection for African natives at any time of the year.

  • Corrosion resistance. Unlike wood, the material is not susceptible to corrosive processes. This means that mold or mildew will not appear on the surface of the cabinet, both inside and outside. Rattan does not absorb moisture and does not dry out. It is profitable to overpay for furniture made of artificial rattan: in the future you will not have to spend money on expensive repairs.

  • Wide assortment. Due to the fact that rattan is an unusual and non-standard material, designers have the opportunity to embody the most daring ideas. The model line of furniture from branded manufacturers includes a lot of non-standard solutions that are distinguished by minimalism and sophistication.

Characteristics of artificial rattan furniture

The production of artificial rattan furniture in Russia is increasing every year due to the great popularity of this material. Let's take a closer look at the key characteristics of artificial rattan.

Artificial rattan is a synthetic material that completely imitates tropical vines that grow in some Asian countries.

Wicker rattan furniture has a spectacular appearance and is perfect not only for rooms in ethnic style, but also for summer cottages and gazebos.

Compared to natural material, artificial rattan has a number of advantages:

  • high mechanical strength;

  • long service life;

  • spectacular appearance that remains unchanged even after several years of using the furniture;

  • the material is widely used not only as the main material for the manufacture of furniture, but also as decorative inserts in kitchen facades or cabinet doors;

  • a wide range of colors, ranging from natural shades to bright colors;

  • environmentally friendly material.

These advantages have made it possible to make rattan furniture for a variety of needs, and the material itself has become very popular and widespread.

In what types of furniture is artificial rattan used

The rattan furniture industry is experiencing a real boom, driven by the key material properties and its affordable cost.

There are a number of priority areas that use artificial rattan:

  • rattan garden furniture. Various tables, stools, dining groups, benches and even swing chairs are not the whole assortment of furniture for a garden or a backyard. Garden furniture retains its spectacular appearance and basic consumer qualities for a long time due to the fact that the material does not rot after interaction with water and does not fade in the sun (unlike the original natural material);

  • home wicker furniture. It is a great choice for people who prefer high-quality, affordable and practical furniture in oriental style. Most often, artificial rattan wicker furniture for home is a large assortment of coffee, coffee or dining tables, stools, chairs, armchairs or kitchen corners. The products are lightweight, easy to clean and original;

  • as decoration elements. Artificial rattan is an excellent option for filling the facades of kitchen sets, cabinets and other cabinet furniture. Wicker canvases of a certain size are made from it, which are glued to the workpiece. As a result, the furniture acquires an original appearance and a peculiar Asian flavor.

Main features of artificial rattan furniture from Russia

Rattan furniture made in Russia has a number of advantages over similar foreign products:

  • high level of quality and long service life;

  • large selection of models;

  • affordable cost. Compared to similar imported goods, prices for domestic products will be significantly lower. This is due to the absence of additional trade margins and entry duties, as well as the simplified transport of basic material directly from China.

Products of the domestic furniture industry are durability, quality, affordability and comfort.

Where can I find examples and order faux rattan furniture?

It is problematic to find such a rare product in standard retail stores. The demand for these interior objects is not high.

In addition, branded salons make a big premium to the cost. You can overpay a lot of money, but get outdated furniture that does not meet modern fashion trends.

Searching for furniture on the Internet is most relevant. Artificial rattan furniture online is presented on the websites of official dealers.

Russian companies supply interior products directly from the manufacturing plant. Most often these are European brands, but domestic factories can also offer exclusive products today. This allows you to get guaranteed reliable furniture that does not have any defects or damage.

You can get acquainted with the model line of Russian and foreign manufacturers at exhibitions, for example, at the Furniture exhibition . Detailed information about the exhibition is presented on the website .

An exhibition is a great opportunity to evaluate and compare products of several brands.