Loft furniture

The trend towards interior design in the Loft style is gaining more and more popularity. The original idea is to adapt abandoned industrial premises for housing.

Loft style assumes the use of the most simple and functional furniture, open communications and original lighting fixtures. When decorating a home in this style, you need to choose reliable furniture made from natural materials with a minimum of decor and the most "natural" wood texture.

Assortments of furniture stores do not always offer the right models, so the best option would be to visit a specialized store or custom-made furniture.

Manufacture of Loft furniture in Russia

In large cities of Russia, several residential complexes in the Loft style have already been created. For example, Winzavod in Moscow. Nowadays, the application of this style to home decoration is limited to furniture and accessories that can add original style to a modest apartment in a new building.

The popularity of the Loft style contributes to the development of specialized furniture manufactures in Russia, among which it can be noted:

  • Moonzanna;
  • Hard de Core;
  • Loft LAB.

Basically, such furniture is made of natural wood, rough processing. Interior items made from old doors, beams and engineered planks are also common. With careful processing of such wood, furniture with a vintage flavor and modern functionality is obtained. Thus, customers have an alternative to the standard range of traditional furniture stores. Residents of small apartments will appreciate a wide selection of transforming furniture. For example, folding metal chairs and dressers that turn into dining tables.

At the moment, Loft-style furniture is produced by small factories operating in various regions of Russia. For example:

  • Belfan;
  • Noreedge;
  • Studio Buk.

Depending on the wood species, dimensions and other wishes of the customer, the price of such furniture can be many times higher than the cost of ready-made furniture options. Despite the high cost, Loft-style furniture is popular in Russia, as it combines contemporary design and high quality workmanship. Made according to original engineering designs, the pieces of furniture contrast favorably with the standard range of chipboard and MDF available in stores.

Loft Style Furniture: Custom Made

The best option at the moment is making Loft furniture to order. A large number of small firms design custom-made pieces of furniture, for example, Mebelyork, Fabrica - Ic, Condor.

The production process consists of several stages:

  1. Taking into account the wishes of the customer and the production characteristics of the company, a new furniture project is being created. As a rule, large manufacturers employ professional designers, constructors and technologists. If necessary, the furniture is made according to the customer's ready-made sketches.

  2. The company's technologists manually select materials for future furniture. Quality products are made from dense wood (oak, beech). If necessary, wood processing can be rough or more thorough. Thus, the furniture looks authentic or vice versa - neutral and restrained. Manufacturers manually process the wood using varnishes, waxes and other materials. This allows you to get not only aesthetic, but also a functional product that is resistant to intensive cleaning and use.

  3. The assembly of finished furniture is carried out by the professionals of the manufacturer, so that all structures are as durable as possible. Massive components and fixing materials are also ordered individually.

Custom-made furniture is a long-term investment in an aesthetic and reliable living space. An individual approach at all stages of production helps each customer to receive a unique product of excellent quality.

Large Loft-style furniture companies

Currently, the production of Loft-style furniture is most common in large cities of Russia, since it is here that the demand for this product is highest.

Well-known manufacturers offer furniture not only for residential, but also for commercial premises (restaurants and bars). For example, Loft designe, located in Moscow, offers customers a wide range of lighting fixtures and accessories. The owners of the company carry out complex tasks of creating a loft-style interior.

Other major manufacturers include:

  • Re-Form;
  • Silvann;
  • Shato - Shale.

Loft furniture from the manufacturer at the exhibition

At the annual Mebel exhibition at the Expocentre Fairgrounds in the past years, Loft-style furniture has been represented by such manufacturers as Mobilierdemasion, Fineobjects, Wood Family, Arcpole.

In addition to new collections and original accessories, visitors to the exhibition will get acquainted with a variety of ergonomic related products. For example, there is a wide selection of mattresses for beds, wrought iron cornices and authentic tableware.