Industrial furniture

Industrial (industrial) furniture is used to equip the premises of industrial enterprises - workplaces of employees, production workshops, auxiliary premises.

Industrial furniture must have an increased margin of safety, correspond to the conditions in which it will be used, be functional and safe.

Categories of industrial furniture

By design, production furniture is divided into 3 main categories:

  • furniture for organizing a workplace (tables, workbenches);

  • auxiliary furniture (cabinets, wardrobes, trolleys);

  • storage furniture (racks, cabinets).

Industrial furniture also includes lockers for workers' clothes and personal belongings, as well as benches and other seating furniture used to furnish industrial premises.

Industrial furniture must comply with the requirements of GOST R 53734.5.1-2009 and GOST 16371-93. This furniture is intended for use in special, often dangerous conditions, which is why specific requirements are imposed on it.

Requirements for production furniture

Modern furniture for manufacturing plants must meet the following requirements:

  • security. Furniture for industrial premises must be durable, stable, have anti-static protection;

  • reliability. All items of furniture for industry must be immune to adverse environmental influences, mechanical damage and other loads, have a predetermined margin of strength and durability;

  • functionality. Tables, workbenches, cabinets and tool cabinets should be equipped with everything necessary to create a full-fledged workplace.

Industrial furniture must comply with safety standards and requirements of the time, be adaptable and ergonomic. The design of many items allows for customization - height and tilt adjustment, installation of additional modules (shelves, drawers, screens), fixing lighting and other auxiliary equipment.

Materials for industrial furniture enterprises

The main material used for the production of specialized furniture is steel of various grades. The frame of tables, workbenches and other furniture is made from it. For cladding, sheet metal, chipboard or thick plywood is used.

Most domestic manufacturers of specialized furniture use raw materials of Russian origin. In the production of such furniture, modern methods of protection against the effects of an aggressive environment are used - anti-corrosion, antistatic coatings, etc.

When creating industrial furniture, Russian manufacturers use the accumulated knowledge and their own technological base, as well as take into account the experience of foreign colleagues.

Most of the Russian manufacturers of furniture for manufacturing enterprises are concentrated in the Central, North-West and Ural districts. These companies supply furniture not only for Russian manufacturing enterprises, but also for export.

Imported industrial furniture is presented on the Russian market by products from Belarus, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, the USA and China.

More about categories, requirements, materials for production furniture can be found at the annual exhibition Mebel.